Motorbike for rent at Phu Quoc

Motorbike for rent at Phu Quoc ~ Cho Thuê Xe Máy ở Phú Quốc - Xe tốt giá rẻ, phục vụ chuyên nghiệp

Motorbike for rent at Phu Quoc

Providing cheap motorcycles, reputable, good vehicles, safety during discover and enjoy the emerald island. Makes you forget the worries of vehicle quality, price, service.

motorbike for rent at Phu Quoc
Motorbike for rent
Papers needed to use the service as:
- Valid passport
- Driving licenses or more machines and classes A1
- Cash for a deposit (usually from $10/one, depending on the number of days you rent and you want to rent motorbike).
When calling 098.555.4956 to rent a motorbike, you should be clear:
  Where motorbike delivery, what kind of motor
  moto rentals delivered at Phu Quoc airport, ferries, hotels, motels, the one nearest you. If you travel on the occasion of holidays and weekends should call in advance to book a rental car assured that you have the motor. And before you get your motorcycle should call us 30 minutes to bring the motor to give you, you should avoid long delays

Motorbike for rent
Motorbike for rent

See Table rent motorcycles will show you exactly where you want to rent the car price.
 For the safety of you, at getting the car you should check the following modules: 
- Lamps
- Braking, 
- Lock Stock 
- Tire
- Insurance cap
Motorbike for rent
Motorbike for rent

What possible damage to talk to people in exchange moto if the motor is not safe.
With our moto rental services  you can rest assured because we usually moto attentive care before delivery to you.
In addition we always support you during your use of motorcycles.
 If you have problems with motor,  please be assured to consider and observe motor, motorcycles and call us for timely solutions for you, we support you 24/24,
 You are absolutely not allowed to repair the motor.
There will not be many terms but you should still skim through a contract motorbike rentals in Phu Quoc before signing. You should also carefully keep 1 copy during motor rental.

Do not 40Km/h
Do not 40Km/h
Phu Quoc travel mostly asphalt, road quality is generally good, cool wind, clear, beautiful scenery, fresh air, traffic awareness of people on a raise but obey player traffic rules and do not run motor full on 40Km / h.

If you missed breaking the law, then calmly handled, on the one hand we notice calling for solutions, on the other hand let the traffic police persuaded that you are a foreigner, this is the first time to Phu Quoc and rental motor to tour should not expect the road distinctly sympathetic him. Phu Quoc traffic police so cute so maybe they will sympathize and just remind you go, guiding you in the right path. Calm when meeting traffic police, if the police insisted on sanctioning the offense, you call the company, we will bring papers to to deal with you.
Motor rental
Motor rental

You should carefully explore Phu Quoc traffic before joining to ensure a safe trip and have a lot of exciting experiences. All those who do motor rentals, taxi in Phu Quoc as well as most people in this island has always been the mission tour guide is good for you, remember to always have a map in trunk travel guide and some useful travel guide for you, but also do not hesitate to call us when you need it deems necessary.

    Have a journey of discovery full of fun and sweet on the island of Vietnam Singapore this !
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